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Retention Management: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Written by Barbara Irwin on .

Every time that we work with a new client, we always ask them “how is your retention?”  This is an important issue to me, because our business (HR) is about people, but for many organizations, retention is a financial issue.  There have been numerous studies during the last two years about how our economy is in a recovery mode and therefore a large percentage of employees are thinking about their next move as the economy continues grow.  Some of our clients, rightfully so, are concerned that their employees will leave their jobs.  So, if you were our client, my question to you would be, “how are you keeping your employees happy?

Don’t Let Your Talent Pipeline Run Dry

Written by Laurie Smith on .

I’m pleased to see that as we head into 2013, unemployment rates are slowly following a downward trend. I’m hopeful that this trend will continue and that employers are planning appropriately with stronger recruitment strategies as the labor supply tightens. A powerful recruitment strategy that I recommend and see more and more employers adopting is the practice of continuous recruiting. Continuous recruiting means seeking talent and sourcing candidates at all times, not just when a position becomes vacant.  It prepares employers to respond to staffing needs with a pipeline of candidates readily available.