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On-Boarding – What’s your Company’s Story?

Written by Barbara Irwin on .

Recently I wrote about the importance of defining and measuring employee engagement to an organization’s bottom line. There are a myriad of strategies to keeping employees engaged, but one of the most successful ways is to start with on-boarding on day one. On-boarding is a key strategy to build a culture of employee engagement within your organization and lays the foundation for your organization to continue to engage your employees throughout their career.  This ensures that your employees are committed to the mission of your organization from their first day on the job and your bottom line isn’t affected by a lack of employee productivity.

Defining and Measuring Employee Engagement

Written by Barbara Irwin on .

Are your employees engaged?  There have been numerous studies, articles, research and publications on Employee Engagement. Within the U.S. workforce, the Gallup organization reports of costs of over $300 billion to the bottom line in loss productivity. That’s a pretty serious number. How do you think your organization is doing with employee engagement? I would recommend that you evaluate this issue before your organizations bottom line adds to the over $300 billion dollar loss.