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Leadership Development – Starting at the Beginning

Written by Barbara Irwin on .

HR Advisors Group has been focusing on leadership development and the importance of organizations making investments in this area. I attended the American Waterworks Association’s (AWWA) Annual Conference last week in Denver, Colorado and participated in a series of topics on “Workforce Strategies that Really Work.” One of the speakers talked about developing a Leadership Program for “front-line” supervisors for water utility companies in Colorado. I was impressed by this program because not only did it focus on front-line supervisors, but being a technical field, it emphasized soft skills training which is something that often gets overlooked when evaluating the bottom line. We talk about Leadership Development in many different way and forms, but what I think that can be extrapolated from this program at any organization is to start with the very first level of supervisors or managers and engage these individuals early-on in their careers. Focusing on their development earlier rather than later can lead to positive outcome for all involved.

Succession Planning and Leadership Development – A Symbiotic Relationship

Written by Barbara Irwin on .

Michelle Bennett is the People Manager, Americas, for GHD, Inc., a global engineering, architecture and environmental consulting company.  Ms. Bennett provides oversight and HR responsibility for the 1,100 GHD employees located in multiple offices throughout Canada, Chile and the United States. She recently was a speaker at the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Synergy Roundtable in Alexandria, VA. HR Advisors Group caught up with her to have her share some thoughts on succession planning and leadership development.

When’s the Right Time for HR Director Hires?

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On May 17th,  I presented at the Society for Design Administration Symposium in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The topic was on HR Assessments and Audits.  One of the questions posed by an attendee was “when do we need an HR Director for our organization?”  It was a great question and the answer really is, “it depends.” As firms grow, they face the decision of what and how much HR they need internally. So, is your firm ready for an HR Director? Here are some guidelines to help you make that decision and a checklist of qualities you should consider.