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The Importance of Families During the Holidays

Written by Barbara Irwin on .

The holidays to me are always a time of family. We surround ourselves with those we love, people that bring us joy and happiness, with whom we create new memories while reminiscing about days of past. It’s a special time that I look forward to every year.

I reflect often about family during the holidays. I think about how for many of us, our coworkers are family as well. These are people that we see day in and day out, with whom we create and share memories, laugh and cry, celebrate new experiences, and participate in life journeys. Many of my coworkers over the years have become lifelong friends.

The same goes for clients, partners, customers and other individuals in your professional life. I sometimes think that if we looked at the entire business landscape through the lens of family, that we’d be a more productive, cooperative and successful society.

Obviously as HR professionals we often see the other side of the coin. The disputes, in-fighting, unprofessional behavior, etc., but I’d say for the most part those experiences are few and far between.

With the year drawing to a close and where it seems every time we turn on the TV, radio or look around us we see so much hate, distrust and condemnation, I’d like to offer up a holiday wish for everyone.  I hope for all of you, nothing but the best within your families both at home and in the workplace. I hope the New Year brings joy, happiness, cooperation, new experiences and success. From all of us here at HR Advisors Group, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!