Organizational Development. In order to achieve your organization’s vision for the future, you need to first understand your baseline: what you have now. Using employee climate surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews with your key managers and up-and-comers, as well as our knowledge of industry best practices, we study your operational and compliance programs and recommend actions that will support your strategic direction.

Training and Development. If your organization wants to be the “go-to” employer, sought by the best in your field, we can help you assess the effectiveness of your current training offerings, both internal and external, and design programs that help you attract and retain the top talent that is best qualified to meet the needs of your constituencies and clients.

Career Development, Competency Modeling, and Workforce Development. Organizations that want to attract the best talent understand the value of providing career paths and professional development opportunities for employees. Whether you need to validate job descriptions or launch a corporate learning center, we work with you to design programs that enhance and augment the current capabilities of your staff and identify opportunities for growth. Because your employees want to know  how they can advance within your organization, we’ll assist you in modeling the required competencies for each level of performance. We will also help you to establish a Workforce Development Program that provides a roadmap for success.

Leadership Development. Leadership development and succession planning is perhaps the greatest challenge facing organizations—whether corporate, government, or not-for-profit. Organizations that properly prepare for and facilitate leadership continuity lower their risk, enhancing their stability and potential for growth. We work with you to design programs that highlight the strengths of your leadership and prepare your future leaders to advance.

Executive Coaching. Executives, including the CEOs, of today’s leading companies participate in coaching to improve their own professional development and career satisfaction, overall organizational effectiveness, and competitive positioning of their firm in the marketplace. Our coaches have a talent for “manufacturing time” for you, helping you to incorporate into your challenging schedule the activities that you need to grow as a leader.

Performance Management. Effective performance management entails much more than an annual performance review checklist. Employees who work with their managers to set career goals and then receive plenty of constructive feedback always perform more successfully. We work with you to design career planning and performance evaluation techniques that are easy to manage and result in new heights for your employees and for your organization.

Compensation, Benefits, and Incentive Plans. A key strategy in HR success is leveraging compensation, benefit, and bonus programs to improve your organization’s competitive position. Our broad experience with firms large and small, national and multinational, within your unique industry, enables our experts to advise you as to programs that will work for your organization and for your employees.

Outsourced HR Department Activities. If, like many organizations, you need HR support but not the overhead burden of a full-time department, our consultants can carry out the HR mission for you. Focusing on benefits and compensation administration, employee relations, recruiting, and compliance, we help you keep your HR program aligned with organizational needs and regulatory requirements. When we function as your HR Director, you can focus, unencumbered, on what you do best.

Recruitment and Selection. Whether you’re looking for support in recruiting for all levels or for a single strategic hire, you can rely on our understanding of the industries in which you—and we—specialize to help you develop the most effective recruitment and selection programs. We’ll also help your key managers become recruitment, selection, and performance management experts in their own right.

HR Compliance. Need reassurance that your organization is complying with all federal, state and local regulations and laws? HR Advisors can provide a thorough audit process of your HR function. Based on the audit results, our understanding of your business, and the pertinent regulations, we’ll recommend actions you need to take, including an affirmative action plan, in order to improve.